Sunday, February 12, 2012

On Mein Souffle!

Friends, I had every intention of telling you today that you too can make a chocolate souffle for your honey on Valentine's Day. I wanted so badly to get this post up before the holiday so that you could make plans and pretend this was a real food blog. I did. And here it is. should probably stick with brownies or something for the big night.

Not that souffles are inherently difficult. You basically make a bechemel sauce with egg yolks, then whip up your egg whites and fold them together.

In fact, the flavor here was pretty good:

1 1/2 T butter
2 t flour
2/3 c milk
2/3 oz unsweetened chocolate, chopped
1/4 c sugar
2 eggs, separated

Melt the butter, whisk in flour, stir in milk, mix in chocolate and sugar. Cook until thickened. Then temper in the yolks so you don't have scrambled eggs. Let cool. Whisk the whites until they are fluffy. Fold together. See? Easy.

Then spoon the mix into a buttered and sugared baking dish with straight sides. I happened to have a cup of sugar with orange zest in it, so I used that. A lot of that.

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes or until firm.

Or until firm. Vague instructions at best.

At 20 minutes, it was not firm when I wiggled it. I remembered a recipe--maybe--that called for a blast of heat at the end to puff the eggs up, so I cranked the heat up to 450.

For another 15 minutes until it looked more firm.

Looks pretty good, right?

Looks can be deceiving.

See all the dark spots? That is burned sugar. BURNED SUGAR. Hot, melty, smokey burned-ass sugar.

Add that to my cough syrup-inspired Grand Marnier sauce and you've got one romantic evening.

Certainly the extra sugar and the extra heat and double cooking resulted in this hot chocolatey mess. So, go ahead and souffle it up! Today. Tonight. Next weekend. But if you're planning a big to-do on Tuesday I might just make brownies and be sure there's a full bottle of wine in the house.

Ooh la la.


  1. i tried chocolate bread pudding for Valentine's Day dessert, made with a loaf of failed sandwich bread (it baked with a huge air bubble at the top of the loaf). It's my friend's mom's recipe for oat bran, molasses & sunflower seed bread, but I thought 'chocolate will surely cover up any flavors that might not lend well to bread pudding'. Well, I'm not sure I baked it for long enough because I halved & tweaked the recipe a bit, and the sunflower seeds were a bit of an odd texture in the midst of soupy chocolatey bread.... so I think I might pop it back in the oven to dry it out a bit and serve the rest of it with ice cream. or throw it in the trash, maybe there's no saving this one.... :(

    1. Oh that's awesome. Things seem so reasonable in the moment when you ask yourself "why wouldn't it work?" But I suppose the only way to know why it wouldn't work is to do it and see. Often, we get lucky. And...sometimes we don't. :)

  2. I thought the "cough syrup" was good...I didn't detect any hint of Robitussin or Nyquil at all

    1. :) Maybe I should have kept it. Or put in more Nyquil!


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