Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wait, What? No. N-O. (A short diatribe)

Good afternoon, Madam, I can't help but notice you may have a bit of a compulsive issue. I'm no psychiatrist, but have you tried wine? It's great for little breakdowns like the one you appear to be having.

What's that? It's called "extreme couponing?"


You have 29 coupons?

So you are buying 29 tubs of margarine.

And nothing else?

Twenty-nine tubs of margarine.

Twenty-nine tubs of a perishable item that must be refrigerated.

Madam, I do not care how many coupons you have, nor what reality TV show you believe leads credibility to this behavior, nor the number of family members that participate. This is not frugality. This is mental illness. Good day.

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