Thursday, December 22, 2011

Details Withheld: The Most Annoying Kind of Blog Post

I see you on Facebook. Looks like we "like" the same things, which is funny and makes me smile. It's good that you have your privacy settings up high though; there are some crazy people snooping around on Facebook.


You look so big! Just like you, of course, but bigger. I wonder what you do with your time. I wonder how your year has been. I wonder if you struggle with the same things I struggle with.

Did you know I was always accused of not taking good care of you? I was tasked with your happiness. When things went to hell and nobody could take care of you, that was my job. Don't think I resented it, because I didn't. But it hasn't made sleep during the last decade any easier. In fact, I have always worried that I didn't do that job well enough.

I never intended to leave you.

But when I left them, you got left behind.

And I'm sorry.

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