Monday, November 28, 2011

(Non-)Kitchen Hack, Volume XX: Sock Exchange

Where I live we are in that awkward time of the year where it is 30-something degrees in the morning and 60-something degrees in the afternoon. We leave our homes with scarves and gloves and by mid-afternoon have stripped off all the layers we can decently be rid of and shovel armloads of now unneeded shirts, jackets, and coats into our cars and drive home with the window down. Now don't think that I am unaccustomed to climates where right now, you are shoveling snow and praying on your drive to work; I used to commute to a ski resort. This tip is still good if you work in an office full of thermostat-manipulators. 

It is also bizarre, peculiar, and will get you strange looks if you do not do it in private. So here you go, Internets!

1. Wear tall, warm socks to work.

2. Change them to short shocks when you warm up.

3. Put tall socks in plastic bag just in case you, ahem, waited too long to change them.

Happy Monday.

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