Monday, October 3, 2011

Kitchen Hack, Vol. XIX: How to Drink Cheap Wine

Unless you've paid off all your credit cards, student loans, car and mortgage, you can't afford a $180 bottle of wine. And I, for one, would like to drink wine before I pay all that off at age 60. So how to drink decent wine without eating bean soup 6 days a week?

Big wine glasses.

Really big.
Yes, I cut my hair off. No, I don't always wear contacts. Yes, that is a George Foreman grill. No, we don't use it because it is a pain in the ass to clean.

Use your head as a size guide. Find a glass as large as your skull. We bought four of them at Pier 1 Imports for something like $4 each. (Two for dinner, two dirty from the night before; wash dishes every two days and you're golden.)

This giant size is good for more than just looking pretentious. It allows the wine to oxidize enough that even a $5 bottle of red wine will taste very nice.

Happy Monday.

1 comment:

  1. I. heartily. Agree.
    Not to mention, i applaud your initiative.
    When you're a wine wine whiney wine person like myslef(as long as the color 'red' is in my glass, i feel like a connesoisseur.) You'll drink wine out of about anything. Short of selling yourself short as 'that' kind of stereotype.
    Keep em coming.


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