Thursday, September 1, 2011

What, me a genius?

Thumbing through the latest Bon Appetit magazine, I had the sudden urge to call the police. I thought some stranger had broken into my home and was hovering over my shoulder. The smell of some ghastly body odor filled the room and the dogs came a running. The culprit was a scent strip for Euphoria by Calvin Klein. That's right, a stinky cologne ad in the middle of a magazine that's supposed to make you hungry. This will not stand.
Instead, I submit to you the greatest idea that's ever come to food magazines since color photographs. SPICE SCENT STRIPS. Many recipes call for spices that surely make the dish but I'm not going to buy because I don't know if it's any good and I don't want to spend $12 on a tiny bottle of something I may not like.

Imagine then, a feature with basic info and recipes with smoked paprika. Then, an ad by Spice Hunter with a pull-out flap that instead of smelling of unshowered old men, smells like the barbecue-y goodness of smoked paprika. Why not engage the scent sense of the food reader? I guarantee you would see higher sales of those spices featured. As a thirty-something home-owning female home cook (target demographic), I'd buy more spices if I could get my nose into them first.

I submitted this bit of brilliance to Bon Appetit via Twitter, but I guess there was a hurricane happening that day? Anyways, magazine publishers, think about it; get back to me.

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