Monday, September 12, 2011

Kitchen Hack, Volume XVI: Pizza-Related Uses for Network Routers

Let's say you have some pizza. And let's say you don't have an oven, toaster, toaster oven, or microwave at your disposal. (In fact, the only thing you do have is a refrigerator in which to keep said pizza.) Let's say you'd just like to take the chill off your lunch.

Simply by using the passive heat of a computer tower and router for a few moments, you can take the chill off your slice. It won't be hot. It won't be melty. It won't be crispy. But, it won't be cold from the fridge, and if you face a complete dearth of electrical cooking appliances at your place of work (or if you are just too lazy to get up and go to the break room) sliding a zip-top bag in between two computing devices is the solution for you.

Happy Monday.

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