Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Interesting--No, Wait, Disastrous--Findings on Freezing Pepper Jack

I know I said that well-wrapped cheese freezes like a dream. Mozzarella does. Cheddar does. Why wouldn't Pepper Jack? Is there still moisture in the peppers? Is the Monterey Jack even softer than Mozzarella?

Is it because I may have tried to speed-defrost my frozen brick?
Well, says I, it'll probably melt fine and I don't have all night to get dinner on.

I squeeze the middle of the cheese to see if it's still frozen.
It explodes.

There is cheese everywhere. The dogs are in heaven.

And I decide we eat too much dairy fat anyways.


  1. LOL! LOL!

    Sorry, I'm laughing WITH YOU, I promise, but that is just too funny. Good to know though, I never would have thought frozen cheese had the power to explode.

    Found you on GiST this morning, glad to try not being crusty with you!

  2. Hi Cheney, no no, that's what this is all about. Taking yourself less seriously and cooking even when you're doomed. And Jesus H, who would have thought it could blow up like that? I am still scratching my head over it. Moisture content in the peppers? Did I microwave the grease out of it? Hell if I know. Consider yourself WARNED!


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