Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bread as Therapy

Bread is good therapy. Start with flour and yeast. Milk, sugar and salt. Heat and mix. Then knead.

Get your hands into that heavy, beery mess. Throw flour at it. Fold it over and shove it into the countertop. Pick it up and throw it down with a satisfying thud and a flurry of dust. Fold it over again. Lean into it. Stretch back as you fold it in half, then stretch forward as you press down. Feel the dough dry on the back of your hands. Feel the damp dough and the soft grit of the flour. Feel anything.

Forget the state of the world. Fold again.

Forget your debt. Fold again.

Forget where you thought you'd be by now. Fold again.

Forget the looming election and the dismal field of potential leaders. Fold again.

Forget that summer is almost over and you've successfully grown nothing edible. Fold again.

And again.

And again.

From flour, you can make bread. You can always create something.

You can always make bread.

(And not to spoil the mood, but a vodka soda doesn't hurt either.)


  1. Thanks, vanillalemonade! Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to get up and do things that will make us happy. And bread? Oh baby, bread always lifts my mood.


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