Sunday, July 10, 2011

Prelude to the Best Pizza You've Ever Made

Go home from work Monday night and mix up the dough to this recipe (by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, a genius). No really, I insist. You should know that it took me 7:52 minutes to mix, including time to wash the bowl and dough hook. And I may have already been two vodka/triple sec/sodas into the evening.

Then, let it mix in your stand mixer for ten minutes while you do something useful. (I emptied the dishwasher, danced with the dogs, remembered I was mixing dough and scraped down the sides, finished my cocktail--probably not all that necessary at this point--and got an oiled ziploc bag ready.)

The reason you need to do this on Monday is so that you can enjoy the Best Pizza Ever on Saturday. You see, this recipe calls for a 5-day cold ferment, which sounds labor-intensive and unnecessary. However, I promise, if you try it, you will be converted. By the time I remember that I will be jonesing for pizza on the weekend it's usually Friday. So please, trust me when I point out that 7 minutes and 52 seconds (much less sober and with clean dishes) is well worth the extra time on Monday for a pizzagasm on Saturday.

Store this in your fridge and let's make pizza together on Saturday.

To be continued.

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