Sunday, April 10, 2011


It has been suggested that I am hard-core in my food ways, particularly in regards to bread making. As such, I'd like to offer some tips for perfect, homemade bread:

When making bread, it's useful to have lots of cupboard space. 
And make certain to keep your workspace clean and clear.

Good bakers can keep track of the number of cups of flour in their heads. They never have to rely on wasteful and messy practices like smearing a tablespoon of flour on a dirty cutting board to draw tally marks in.

Don't over-heat your milk, butter, salt and sugar mixture. 
Over 130 degrees and you could kill the yeast.
Only make dough for as many loaves as your proofing bowl can handle; 10 is too many.

Be sure your proofing bowls are big enough to hold the dough after the first rise, 
and make certain your dogs can't reach the countertop.

Freeze the bread loaves you don't plan to bake right away.
Don't refrigerate them.

Be sure to freeze them in the size pan you plan to bake them in.

And when you do freeze them, make certain to cover all the exposed area 
with waxed paper to avoid unsightly freezer burn.

If you run short of flour, you can use a few mashed potato flakes. 
If you need a few cupfuls, your loved one will ask if the secret ingredient 
to your scraggly bread was paste.

And if you do run severely short on flour, and need to run to the store for more, 
it's helpful to have a backup plan ready.

But at the end of the day, bread trials and tribulations aside, if you just pay attention to your recipe and your ingredients, you will have something so wonderful it's beyond measure. To stand around a cutting board carving off pieces of fresh, hot bread to give to your loved ones is just marvelous, and one of those memories your family will hold onto. It's worth every instant of easily avoidable bread disasters.

Trust me. I've done the footwork.

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