Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On Kitchen Hacks, Volume II: Binder Clip Drying Rack

So, the fact that I only have two kitchen hacks and they both involve office supplies suggests the less-likely A) I love office work so much that seeing its implements in my kitchen brings me joy, or the more likely B) I have a binder clip fetish. But can you blame me? Is there nothing those little things can't do?

Step 1: Obtain binder clips, wooden spoon, shelf over drying rack or bowl.
Step 2: Assemble as shown.
Step 3: Congratulate yourself for coming full circle and doing exactly what your grandmother used to do but didn't have to tell the world about it in a ridiculous blog.
Step 4: After making yourself feel bad, pick yourself back up and pat yourself on the back for not PURCHASING a plastic bag dryer like this contraption so as to convince yourself that the manufacturing costs to design, test, produce and ship an apparatus that dries plastic bags outweighs the non-biodegradeability of plastic bags and really is a green option. Just like gunning your Prius with the stupid nickle battery to 90 mph up a mountain canyon to pass that little speed-limit driving Camry is green because it's a Prius.
Step 5: Climb off your soapbox and go back to fantasizing about binder clips. Ooooh, so useful...

Now don't get all crazy at me because I'm washing my bags. I don't just lay about and test recipes all day. I have a full-time day job and do freelance work at night after I'm done eating and usually instead of sleeping. This is the burden of the thirtysomething who never figured out just how awful compound interest is when applied to debt. Every penny counts. Therefore, why would I spend three bucks on a box of bread bags when they come free with bread? Or tortillas? Or English muffins? All of which I'm certain are much better when home-made, but some weekends we have to draw a line on the homemade "To Do" list.


  1. Very innovative! Your last binder clip adventure inspired me to use them to hang drying dishtowels and dish-drying mats. This one has inspired me to wash bread bags. I usually reuse them once without washing them (they go from the bread onto a bowl to keep something covered in the fridge. Then they get tossed). But I supposed I could use them each more than once. Great idea!

  2. Thanks Christine! I like your idea to dry dish-drying mats. I always end up draping my silicone baking mats over top of all the dishes in the drainer and then they slide off and either don't dry or land on the floor and have to be washed again. Why not use binder clips to hold those vertical until they dry too? *Sigh* I love binder clips even more now.


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