Thursday, April 22, 2010

On Frozen "Dinners"

Irma S. Rombauer Must be Rolling in Her Grave

Shame on Joy of Cooking. Once the authoritative “anyone can cook” manual whose older editions included how to clean game and pasteurize milk for cooks in rural areas, The Joy of Cooking kitchens have introduced a line of frozen dinners.

One can hardly blame them for wanting to stay in a market fueled by an entire nation of food-shovelers that has convinced themselves that they have neither the time nor the skills to cook real food. Of note, the current economic crisis has forced many people to downgrade to the less-expensive store-brand frozen dinners in order to feed their families over-salted texture-questionable meals, lovingly served after the ding, the lingering plastic smell a putrid reminder of dinners past. Will these new culinary cop-outs find themselves affordable to the average shopper? I see a dark, dark future for the heads of households if economic pressures persist. Could you imagine the travesty of a nation forced back into the kitchen? Braving the baking aisle and perusing the produce section. Being forced to purchase triple the rice at the same cost because it must cook in twice the time? Good lord, the horror.

One wonders just how much Joy there can be in microwaving.

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